Lidding Films

Bareks film range provides a solution for many lidding application for different kind of trays. Bareks offers specially formulated lidding films for each tray made of various materials including PET, PVC, PS, PP, PE. Bareks also provide PET/PE laminated lidding Films for PP, PET, PS, PE trays with antifog property. Both peelable and lock seal options are offered for customer catering solutions.

For PET/PE films;

  • Only unprinted foil is available
  • Products can be provided either as slitted rolls or as jumbo rolls


In addition, Bareks produce universal peelable films used as lidding film for all kinds (PET, PVC, PS, PP) of trays.

  • Universal peelable films can have seal or peel mechanism upon the customer needs; seal/peel to PET, PVC, PS, PP trays and aluminium foils.
  • Antifog property is also applicable to universal peelable films.

Please find below TDS of some related codes.