The main purpose of Bareks is to leave a clean and healthy environment to the next generation. For this purpose, Bareks undertakes  the responsibility for the provision of necessary support and resources  to create and to improve the environmental awareness as well as to emphasize the importance of responsibility,  with all employees and stakeholders.

Bareks intends to provide comfortable, safe, ergonomic and transparent working conditions for occupational health and safety.   In addition, Bareks evaluates all recommendations of employees, risk conditions and legal requirements as a whole for continuous improvement and sustainability.

Our goals and objectives;

  • Zero occupational accident.
  • To ensure appropriate conditions for participation of all stakeholders (Employees, Suppliers, Customers ..).
  • To provide awareness and sustainability.
  • To identify environmental and  occupational health & safety risk points, and to manage the   improvements.
  • To reduce  and manage waste.
  • To consider about detailed impacts of new investments on the environment and occupational health & safety processes.
  • To be in compliance with legal and other requirements.

Occupational Health, Safety and Enviroment Policy

Product Safety and Quality Policy


SEDEX is a non-profit web-based system centered in London.  Sedex allows the suppliers; to manage their ethical and social applications with respect  to their production facilities,  to Exchange these informations with their customers, to view and manage the problems in supply chains,  and  to access international resources regarding ethical trade.

Bareks is B Group Member of Sedex and externally audited.

We Hold The ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information Security Management Certificate

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